Awqaf ‘Endowment’ Initiative

  • Client

    The Executive Office, TEO

  • Brand

    Mohammed Bin Rashid Global Centre For Endowment Consultancy

  • Project

    Awqaf Endowment Initiative

  • Release Date

    28 March

  • Exposure



Dubai, March 28, 2016 – The Mob adverting has received the Dubai Endowment Sign from The Mohammed Bin Rashid Global Centre for Endowment Consultancy, one of Mohammed Bin Rashid’s global initiatives. The Mob Advertising presented a moving video as part of the Awareness Endowment that provided emotional engagement, creative representation and informational details on the revived tradition of Awqaf endowments.

“Awqaf is a cause that has an ethical drive for the sake of humanity, we wanted to be apart of His Highness’ vision, it is an honor to spread the awareness and message of the noble cause” said Toni Abu Samra, Founder of and Executive Creative Director at the Mob Advertising.

Dr. Hamad Al Hammady, Secretary-General of the Mohammed Bin Rashid Global Centre for Endowment Consultancy, said: “The Dubai Endowment sign is considered to be one of the most innovative projects launched by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President, Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai. It motivates government and private establishments to contribute to society through innovative endowments by allocating a portion of their assets or efforts for social development projects.”

He also noted that the website ( is ready to receive all inquiries from interested individuals and organizations wishing to receive the Dubai Endowment sign. In addition, the Mohammed Bin Rashid Global Centre for Endowment Consultancy provides the necessary advice for public and private organizations to promote and activate their societal contributions through the Dubai Endowment sign. As a result, these cooperation efforts will help to provide a range of social services that address the most important social needs of society.

His Highness has launched the Mohammed Bin Rashid Global Centre for Endowment Consultancy to be the first of its kind endowment consultancy. It will act as a consultancy firm to oversee the largest global initiative to revive the endowment tradition. The initiative will include a legislative system for endowment, besides Awqaf products and services. The new consultancy will work on implementing Dubai’s strategy of Awqaf and endowment, as well as achieving its global vision in this domain by encouraging and empowering endowments and donations to meet the social needs.

The Centre will provide its services free for individuals and local, regional and global bodies in order to make endowment one of the main development catalysts in the Arab world. The center will strive to provide endowment consultancies according to the best international practices, especially when it comes to endowments and grants to enhance the social impact on the Arab world. The Centre also manages knowledge in the field of endowments and donations through research and studies, organizing conferences, workshops and partnerships, as well as developing the skills of individuals working in this field.

The brief in a nutshell

One of the Initiatives taken my TEO was the AWQAF Endowment, a global revitalization of an age old tradition of sustainable giving. the task was to communicate this on multiple channels, informing and engaging audiences everywhere.

Our response

We created two visually pleasing videos that delivered the requirements accompanied by a microsite that caters to all specifications that may be needed. We conjured two different types of videos: an emotionally engaging video and an infographic video.

The emotionally engaging video showcased pictures and segments that depicted humanity in need and adapted to our society. These were catered to our bilingual (Arabic & English) script that helped the viewers go through the journey of understanding the necessity of the initiative.

The infographic video was tooled out with the use of style frames on icons and minimalist images that reflect the elaboration of the Endowment story.

Both videos were presented on the Awqaf Endowment Launch Event and were the main subject of collective attention. These were later complimented as press ads post launch.