Customer Happiness Factory

  • Client

    Prime Minister's Office

  • Brand

    Customer Happiness Factory

  • Project


  • Release Date

    October 2016

  • Exposure


The brief in a nutshell

The Customer Happiness Factory is a one day retreat for high officials to engage in services development with the customers that will achieve their happiness. The event will host a “service factory exhibition” that will showcase 7 service bundles with prototypes as well as future plans for developing these services.

The event is to showcase 7 different entities and their project bundles as well as how their bundles bring happiness to the public, such as improving the process of getting married, completing the paperwork for a newborn, etc.

Our response

The event was developed as a full fledged campaign. This included creating a brand identity, a quintessential logo, print & video adaptations as well as the branding of the event itself.

Graphically the treatment was contemporary iconography that was accumulated into a distinct patters. With 7 different bundles to brand, we conceptualized 7 different iconographic patterns that related to the bundles. These patterns were later adapted to videos, graphical elements, posters and location branding.