Don’t Eat Less, Eat Better with Texas de Brazil

  • Client

    Gourmet Gulf

  • Brand

    Texas de Brazil

  • Project

    New Year Campaign 2017

  • Release Date

    January 2017

The brief in a nutshell

Texas de Brazil aimed to capitalize the new year with a campaign that focused on a healthier lifestyle by launching a leaner version of their trademark “all you can eat” buffet. This required a visually appealing campaign that would be synonymous with a healthier lifestyle while maintaining the design spirit of Texas de Brazil.

Our response

The campaign targets a wide range of audiences through online, print media and in mall advertising. The content had to be adapted and modified for all these touch-points.

Visually the treatment was a nutritional chart that held the buffet’s informational aspect to accompany a delicious cut of meat. The core idea behind the campaign was “new year, lighter me” and a small research highlighted that eating healthy doesn’t always mean eating less. You have to eat better.