Oud Tuesdays at Azkadenya

  • Client

    Gourmet Gulf

  • Brand


  • Project

    Oud Tuesdays

  • Release Date

    October 2016

The brief in a nutshell

With dedication to revitalize their brand, AZKADENYA took initiative in creating multiple consumer engaging campaigns, one of these was Oud Tuesdays. Due to Tuesday’s being a low sales day of the week, this campaign is to encourage the public to go out and participate in activities provided by AZKADENYA.

Our response

Nina Oud is one of the more prominent figures in Oud music, she was also one of the performers that was part of this event, her visual inclusion would allow consumers to associate Tuesdays & Oud.

We illustrated the celebrity and stuck to the rich Jordanian design origins in this visual. With a headline to emphasize on tradition and integrity, this was adapted on collaterals all over the mall.