World Government Summit 2016

  • Client

    The Prime Minister Office, PMO

  • Brand

    World Government Summit

  • Project

    World Government Summit 2016

  • Release Date

  • Exposure

    International Audiences

The brief in a nutshell

Our task was to craft an innovative invitation package to house the invitees’ giveaways. We were required to put together a TVC to introduce the main pillars and touchpoint of The World Government. Also we needed to visually translate an dense three days schedule into an appealing and easily read ad.

Our response

We put together an interactive hard-copy book to answer the year of reading in the UAE. It was dressed in innovation from case, to cover, to internal pages and last but not least to giveaways to represent the World Government Summit as a whole and directive guide.

The main theme was inspired by innovation, it was present across all the pages, and photo-composed visuals and it was persistent in the sophisticated production. The book acted as an engaging guide about the tools you need to extract from it, such as the access card, the lanyard, the pin and the parking card to attend the World Government Summit.

The TVC was a blend of futuristic footages and the integration of minimal infographics and highlighted supers which combined innovation-related pillars, milestones and topics that were the focal points at the World Government Summit. The video was backed by a gripping voice over and a mastered audio of a modern music that was synced with the Government Summit signature music.

The TVC was developed bilingually, in Arabic and English.